Staburo Biostatistics Workshop - 1. Presentation

The first presentation of this year’s traditional “Wiesn” workshop was about the statistical method “Analysis of Variance”. It is a very useful tool to examine the influence of one or more categorical variables on a continuous target variable and applies to many types of clinical studies.

Main topics were the basic principle of variance analytical models, the model itself and the test decision. Furthermore, the practical implementation via R und SAS was presented on the basis of an example and the used code can serve as orientation for applications. The last important part was how to interpret and work with the output of different procedures and functions. SAS and R both provide different possibilities to work with ANOVA and each has it’s pros and cons.

The participants can now rely on a even more expanded and deepened knowledge, when it comes to ANOVA or similar analysis methods, which will be useful for a great amount of projects in the future.