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Here at Staburo, we are all about data and our medical writing team helps you communicate your data effectively. With an audience-responsive approach to writing, we will help you convey your clinical research findings in the best possible way to your target audience.

What medical writing solutions do you need? Our team will support you with producing clinical documents according to current regulatory requirements. We offer expertise in writing the following documents:

  • Clinical study protocols
  • Clinical study reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Patient narratives
  • Patient information sheets / informed consent forms
  • Lay summaries
  • Investigator’s brochures
  • Pharmacovigilance documents such as development and periodic safety update reports
  • Publication support for study-related journal articles and posters

You will benefit from an experienced, interdisciplinary group within the clinical disclosure and transparency division at Staburo, who are thoroughly familiar with the dynamic landscape of regulatory guidelines of EMA, FDA, ICH and related organizations.

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