Februar team get togethers

February is already over, and we look back on some smaller, but great and fun team get togethers in our office. As we continue to grow, it is always important that we create time and opportunities to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

Beginning of the months we celebrated the carnival season with fresh doughnuts (German: Krapfen) in the office and enjoyed a relaxed coffee break together.

A few weeks later this was followed by one of our monthly office days plus another movie night for all colleagues. On this day also a lot of our remote colleagues travelled to our office in Munich, and we had the chance to celebrate the 10th anniversary of one of our colleagues.

As we have ‘Big Lebowski’ fans in our team, this film was on the programme and was accompanied by a presentation about the most important characters in the run-up to the film. We spent an entertaining und funny evening together including pizza and drinks.

We always look forward to meeting our colleagues in our office – either for business meetings or for smaller after work events. Thanks for your great participation.

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