Staburo @ Joint EFSPI / BBS Webinar: Estimands addendum is final: Anything new for oncology?

We are very proud that Staburo’s Managing Director Dr. Hannes Buchner will be a speaker and will talk about “Treatment switching: challenges, estimands, and estimators”.

All information on registration and agenda of the event can be found on the BBS website.

This event was planned as a full-day seminar on the Novartis campus, but due to the current situation, the event will be performed in a webinar format.

Background: After the publication of the final version of the ICH E9 addendum, the BBS jointly with EFSPI would
like to offer a full-day seminar on the broad topic of estimands in oncology drug development. The
event will feature talks from statisticians and clinicians in industry, regulatory agencies, and academia.
It is the explicit intention of the event to extend the estimand discussion to those who partner with
statisticians in drug development, i.e. clinicians, regulatory colleagues, etc. For this reason, many of
the talks in the program are shared between a statistician and a clinician.
The intention is to make this the first of a series of events dedicated to estimands for specific
therapeutic areas. We start with oncology and envisage further seminars on, e.g., neuroscience.

The organizing committee members are Evgeny Degtyarev, Kaspar Rufibach, Bibiana Blatna, MarieLaure Casadebaig, Lynda Grinsted, Lorenzo Guizzaro, Wolfgang Kothny, Giusi Moffa, Hans-Jochen Weber. The event is supported by the European special interest group “Estimands in oncology”, sponsored by PSI and EFSPI, which is also an ASA scientific working group:

Initially, this event was planned as a full-day seminar on the Novartis campus. Given the current COVID19 situation we turn this event into a series of webinars. If you’d like to attend please fill out the registration form. After registration you will receive a calendar invite with a webex link. Slides and recordings of some of the talks will be made available after the event on the BBS webpage, both pending speaker approval.
The webinar is free of charge.

Data analysis, clinical biostatistics and more.