Staburo @ APF meeting in Darmstadt

A few days ago – we from Staburo GmbH, Hannes Buchner, Stephan Bischofberger, Gabriele Bleckert, Sarah Musiol, Jiali Lin  – joined the annual APF meeting in November: It all started with a fantastic get-together on Thursday evening at the Grohe Brauhaus in Darmstadt. We had a great evening and lots of networking opportunities in this location with joining so many participants from our industry.

The next day started with our morning session including 4 great and interesting presentations about biomarkers and decision making of which one was by our Managing Director, Hannes Buchner. We gained many insights into biomarker analyses and tools at different companies from sponsors to CROs.

After a well-deserved lunch break we kicked-off our afternoon session which was about estimands in early phase trials in oncology with 2 presentations. During those sessions and discussions the topic how to use estimands in early phase was challenged and in the end still recommended to use at least an ‘estimand thinking’ approach, since it is a must in late phase trials and since it helps understanding the actual objectives of the whole development program.

Many thanks to Merck for organizing and hosting this year’s meeting and also to everyone who joined and contributed to this interesting and insightful event.

We are already looking forward to the next meetings!

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