Post event: Anything new for oncology?

Lately, Basel Biometric Section and EFSPI organized a webinar “Estimands addendum is final: Anything new for oncology?”. You can find the program, the slides, a recording of the entire event, and a document that answers questions that were raised in the chat during the event on the BBS webpage.

In addition to Hannes Buchner from Staburo GmbH (1:23:53 of recording) and Ingolf Griebsch from Boehringer Ingelheim (1:12:30), Kaspar Rufibach from Roche (0:20), who is a member of the BBS board, Anja Schiel from the Norwegian Medicines Agency (6:55), Renaud Capdeville from Novartis (40:40), Tina Nielsen from Roche (54:33) and Stefan Englert from AbbVie (1:46:58) gave exciting lectures, which can be viewed on the webpage.

The panel discussion in the end was held from all speakers plus Rob Hemmings from Consilium and Michael Wenger from Novartis.

With just short of 400 registered participants the event was a huge success!

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