Meet the Management – Dr. Janine Roy – Director Bioinformatics and Data analytics

Since our team grew substantially, we searched, appointed, and enabled a bigger management team at Staburo, consisting of two heads (of departments) and six directors (focus on data science topics). Here, we want to give them a chance to talk about themselves and their passion! Therefore, we publish a mini news series about the management team members and will continue with our director director bioinformatics and data analytics, Dr. Janine Roy.

Who are you?

I am Janine Roy, director bioinformatics and data analytics at Staburo. I am a trained bioinformatician. I got my diploma from University of Jena and then moved to Dresden to do my PhD and post-doc at the Centre of Biotechnology (BIOTEC).

Tell me something about your area of expertise.

I support costumers in a range of tasks, mainly associated with transcriptomics data – starting from QC of raw data, over creating count matrices and finding differentially expressed genes, as well as interpreting them in a biological context.

Additionally, I am also involved in writing official reports. All this in the context of GCP.

I have a profound knowledge of programming R, bash, and Linux, as these are the essential tools that I use.

What are your goals for your role?

As Staburo started as a statistical consulting company, I like the idea of expanding the scope of the company. With the new field of bioinformatics, we now cover the whole range of data analysis in the clinical context from transcriptomics raw data to significantly deregulated genes, their biological interpretation and later helping our customers to present these results to the authorities for market access (e.g., G-BA, EMA/FDA).

What motivates you as an individual?

I always wanted to have an impact on human life. Therefore, I chose to do my PhD in Dresden, where I worked on improving cancer outcome prediction by integrating network information into transcriptomics data analysis. During my post-doc I was able to improve my knowledge working with human NGS data due to close collaboration of my former PI and university clinics. This intention still drives me today!

What would you like to share about your personality that you believe it is useful for your role?

As the position requires a lot of communication with costumers (e.g., PIs, technicians, statisticians, medical writers) and colleagues it is quite helpful that I am a proactive and outgoing person.

Data analysis, clinical biostatistics and more.